About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to effectively train beginner and experienced shooters to become effective and responsible Gun Owners, Self Defenders, Shooters and Competitors.

We encourage all gun owners to shoot recreationally or competitively for continued education to keep and shape their skills, comfort levels and respect for firearms.

How we Differ from the Rest

Our name says it all, we are here to teach the average self defender or gun owner how to be effective in what they need to do to be responsible and safe while protecting themselves and their loved ones!

We understand that the large majority of people are not interested or able to learn the full tactical experience, nor do they need it for everyday living.

We use both simulator training and live fire training to achieve this higher level of comfort and practical experience for the average person.

Our belief is that we have a moral duty is to make sure that everyone of our students leaves with a full understanding and practice of gun safety, how to use it effectively for fun and/or self defense!

Instructor Notables

Front Sight Distinguished Graduate

Over 25 ATA State Titles

1st Category Winner to win with a 200 Straight

18 ATA National Events

Pistol Competitors in USPSA

Local Bowing Pin Matches

Certified NRA Instructors in:


Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Personal Perfection in the Home & Personal Perfection Outside the Home

Chief Range Safety Officer


Become a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.  Meets the requirements for 4H & Boy Scouts as well other groups.

Refuse To Be a Victim Instructor


We are certified to teach NRA's popular program.  This course is full of great information on how to keep yourself and loved ones safe!

This is not a firearms or self defense class!