Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program


How the Program Works

The purpose of this program is to develop the skills needed to participate in pistol, rifle or shotgun competitions, as well as the basic skills required for personal protection.

The NRA Basic Pistol Qualification Course provides the perfect self-paced shooting activity to help develop your skills and reward your achievements. 

Who Can Participate?

We encourage everyone to participate.  The program is open to everyone – men, women, adults and youth.  


Effective Firearms Training instructors will provide limited instruction to assist you to complete your level. 


The range will be determined at the time we book a date.

Participating Ranges are;

Shoot Indoors

Golden Gun Club

Pawnee Sportsman Center

All participants need to schedule with us for one of the available dates.

Dates and Times

This Program is By reservation only!

Click the button below to book our next date.  We run this about once a month.  Feel free to call or email as well for other dates.

Book Here

Cost & Supplies

The only cost for this will be the Range Fees for the range we are using that month.  At time of booking we will collect the range fees and pay for you.

Effective Firearms Training will supply the targets and awards.  You will need to supply your own firearm and ammo.  There are firearms available for rent at some of the ranges.

Want to practice the marksmanship program on your own, thats great!!!  You can download targets for your own use by clicking the button below.

Download Printable Targets